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Culture's Effect On Language

            Culture's Effect on Language .
             generation-specific language.
             Different generations in cultures have common word usage, grammar, slang.
             Language will mold to the current culture. For example, grammar rules have changed over and over in the U.S. from 1900 up to the current date to adapt to the current cultural status of the country.
             Each generation in cultures has words or slang specific only to each era, words that fit the current culture which made be laid back, uptight, military, etc., and most of the slang for the era will dissolve in the given culture's language, but it will not be forgotten.
             We now live in a heavily technology-based society, all of the cultures do. So now, we have new words such as email, hard disk, Microsoft, catadioptrics, laser disk, Botox, and Bill Gates in our language. All of these words are influenced by our machine-driven culture of today.
             None of these words were prevalent in the languages of yesterday. .
             (specific to America) more and more Latin people entering the country, causing a rise in bilingual education and bilingual people, affecting the core language of America, their culture affecting our core language, English .
             cultural evolving of communication which has a trickle-down effect on language:.
             Pony Express, telegraph, telephone, email-- all had or have different forms of communication.
             Pony Express (just America)- often had lengthy, draw-out letters to friends, loved ones, anyone because delivery was so slow, so an individual would have to put all the events and such that had happened in between long letter deliveries, wonderfully descriptive language painted pictures and happenings for people to imagine on the receiving end.
             telegraph- was short and concise communication because of the construction of the network and the way language was sent and interpreted through this network, short, small, and easy words were mostly used to avoid confusion .

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