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             Language, literacy and communication are intrinsic to human development and central to lifelong learning. Language changes with history and time, as does our perception of words and their description. Through times these tend to lose or gain new meaning, especially as time changes, many languages have become unknown. This passing of time can cause a loss of effectiveness and usage in our language, and this is a pure example of what message Orwell was trying to convey. In his short storyPolitics & Language,? he stated,Now it is clear that the decline of language must ultimately have economic and political causes.?(Orwell 626). This supports the earlier statements of language but George Orwell's perception of the way language is used is too standardized. This occurs for the reason that he wants one way of the use of language and that's it but who could honestly live a single way and only that way? However, Amy Tan appreciates the way language can be different or imperfect because she sees that there is always room for improvement and change. Something which is different or changeable is not necessarily appalling, so why should there be perfect and imperfect? Why can't Orwell make a happy median?.
             Orwell continues mentioning that people's language has become stale and meaningless, which coincides with the fact of accents or dialects. He sees it as accents .
             PEDONE 2.
             affect language and communication. These problems can easily be seen in writing a letter and ones interpretation of the spoken word then again in many instances .
             this can create a whole new language that can just,evoke an emotion.? (Tan 77) Amy Tan gives in her essay,Mother Tongue? a description of how her mother's tongue has differentEnglish's.? The way a language is perceived could cause the language to become alanguage of intimacy.?(Tan 78).
             TheseEnglish's? on how an accent or dialects affect a culture is a point author Amy Tan brought out in her essay.


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