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Health Care in Kuwait

             The purpose of this research is to explain the problem of the health system of Kuwait which has the phenomena of relying on foreign medical staff which is typical for small countries with highly developed economies, especially the oil rich ones in the Persian Gulf; Qatar, United Arab Emirates and Kuwait. The state of Kuwait has recognized the problem and is about to start the Kuwaitization of medical staff. My hypothesis is that the increase in demand for medical services results by increase of non-Kuwaiti health professionals, which shatters the stability and quality of the Kuwaiti health sector. I hypothesize that increase in demand is an outcome of fast economical development, which brings up the conclusion that the growing economy in Kuwait is a cause of the large number of non-Kuwaiti doctors and medical staff. My hypothesis were confirmed with the results of survey, where is visible the recognition of the problem.
             2. Introduction .
             Ever since its discovery of oil and later independence in 1961, Kuwait had all preconditions to become a welfare state, and with the fast growing economy it has become one (El-Katiri & Fattouh & Segal, 2011, 1). Kuwait has also become one of the leaders in the Persian Gulf when it comes to high life standards and GDP, yet their health care system still has a lot of issues and imperfections as they are facing large number of foreigners as user and as providers of health care services. Kuwait has a state funded healthcare system and it has provided a free of charge health care for all Kuwaiti population. Since more than sixty-five percent of entire population are non-Kuwaitis, the state has funded a public insurance scheme, to provide them reduced cost health care. With the investments and the expansion of the health care sector, Kuwait is facing more problems, the most important one is the rising number of non-Kuwaiti medical staff and doctors. This causes the lower satisfaction with the health care system among the Kuwaiti citizens.

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