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             THESIS: Many people believe that the war with Iraq was justified.
             The Iraqi regime used war as a way to threaten its neighboring countries.
             SUPPORTING DETAIL 2:.
             Saddam Hussein used chemical weapons on the citizens of Iraq that tried to over throw Saddam's totalitarian government.
             SUPPORTING DETAIL 3:.
             Iraq has violated the oil for food program and the resolutions that were past by the United Nations ever since the Gulf war of 1991.
             SUPPORTING DETAIL 4:.
             Iraq continues to hide their programs of chemical weapons and weapons of mass destruction.
             SUPPORTING DETAIL 5:.
             Removing Saddam Hussein has provided the ability for the citizens of Iraq to be free of their past brutal regime. .
             War with Iraq.
             War with Iraq has caused more good than bad. Preventive war with Iraq has removed a hostile regime bent on relentless expansion and pursuing weapons of mass destruction and a threat to global security. This hostile regime could of put weapons of mass destruction into the hands of terrorists, which was a direct threat to lives of American. Any regime that fits either of those descriptions, United States has no choice but to use military action against them should they not corporate (Lindsey 40+). The disarmament of Saddam was vital to the world's security, because it would have been impossible, for any country, to completely disarm Saddam, whose power depended on the acquisition of nuclear weapons. He had been working on building weapons of mass destruction since the 1970's, spending hundreds of billions of dollars to obtain them and forgoing billions more in oil revenues during the 1990's, because of sanctions opposed by the United Nations just to achieve his secret programs. He knew that having the weapons he would be untouchable, knowing by giving up these weapons up he would not be able to exist. The entire Saddam regime depended upon his weapons to afflict fear in neighboring countries that opposed his regime.

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