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Everything But the Kitchen Sink

            "Everything But the Kitchen Sink- will be an hour-long, weekly news/information/entertainment production featuring the host, former President of the United States, Bill Clinton. We decided to choose the former President because of his excellent relationship with the viewers of the United States and his ability to be welcomed with open eyes' into the living rooms of households across the country. We are not leaving the responsibility of the success of the show solely on the broad shoulders of our former President because that is not necessary. The content of the contemporary current events broadcasted in this show will have viewers of all ages tuning in.
             The proposed format is to have President Clinton simply serve as the transition between different stories. The current events and stories that will be covered range from the war in Iraq' to the NBA Playoffs. This show is guaranteed to captivate an unprecedented number of viewers. The material broadcast on "Everything But the Kitchen Sink,"" will show exactly what the title portrays. Footage from across America of awkward new stories and current events will take center stage every Thursday night during the 9 o'clock hour. .
             The purpose of this program is to give a new generation of mature viewers the opportunity to watch a show that actually informs and entertains. Many programs claim to inform and entertain but as we know very few do. With celebrities and various television personalities corresponding with the former President about issues people want to hear about, this program is the blueprint for success. .
             The major appeal for this show will be human interest, but the informative and comedic appeal will not be able to refrain from being evident. The celebrity hosts will foster the human interest and comedy, while the information that is reported will sow its own seed.
             This show will primarily be for the audience who has had some higher degree of learning.

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