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Me Casa

             After several long weeks of looking for a home of our own, my husband and I finally found the perfect place. It was a two-story cream- colored modular home that came with a one-acre land package. The house had three full-sized bedrooms, two full bathrooms, a living room, den, a pedestal type dining room, and a lovely kitchen. The location was as perfect as the house, not to close to the city but not too far either. We immediately began fixing it up to our tastes.
             The house is set up on a one -acre piece of land about six miles north outside of Washington. Our cream colored vinyl sided house has forest green shutters and a built in front porch. When you walk up the front steps, you enter the porch that stretches all the way to the right front end of the house. The porch has creamy white posts, and I have beautiful green potted ferns hanging from hooks in the ceiling. Lovely White Flowering Dogwoods with beautiful white blossoms outline the front yard. At the beginning of our gravel driveway, there is a white wooden stork wearing a red cap holding a WELCOME sign to greet guests. As you go down the length of the driveway, there is a long flowerbed that spreads down alongside the driveway. Vibrant red, pure white and delicate pink rose bushes are scattered all over the yard. Multicolored perennials, azaleas and daffodils adorn the flowerbeds that enhance the front of our house. At the left edge of the front yard, there is a humongous flowing pale pink rose bush that is attached to our backyard fence. Before the left end of the house there is a four-foot white and black lighthouse with a brilliant light that flashes at night. It is set up on a pile of sand that is decorated with different types of seashells. On the far right side of the house is a flowerbed' made up of various multicolored seashells that we collected over the summer at the beach.
             A metal fence tapers off our backyard to keep our kids and dog from out of the surrounding cornfields.

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