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History of America

             Reviewing Key Terms - On a sheet of paper, use each of these terms in a sentence.
             Conquistador- A conquistador is another word for a conqueror.
             2. Presidio- The Spanish people built forts that they called presidios.
             3. Hidalgo- The conquistadors were low-ranking nobles known as hidalgos.
             4. Encomienda- The encomienda system was a way to reward the men that had defeated the Aztec. .
             5. Hacienda- The haciendas covered thousands of acres.
             6. Vaquero- The vaqueros herded the cattle. .
             7. Northwest Passage- King Francis I sent Giovanni da Verrazano to map North America's coastline and to find the Northwest Passage. .
             8. Coureurs De Bois- Coureurs de bois were fur traders that lived among the Native American. .
             9. Puritan- Puritans were people who objected the Catholic rituals. .
             10. Joint-Stock Company- A joint-stock company founded Virginia. .
             11. Privateer- To assist the Dutch revolt, Queen Elizabeth allowed English privateers to attack Spanish ships. .
             12. Burgesses- The representatives of the new Virginia government were called burgesses. .
             13. Headright- To entice new settlers to Virginia, the system of headrights was introduced. .
             14. Proprietary Colony- Baltimore owned Maryland, making it England's first proprietary colony.
             15. Separatist- The separatists were a group of Puritans. .
             16. Pilgrim- In 1620, the pilgrims arrived in Massachusetts. .
             17. Heretic-A Heretic is a person whose religious beliefs differ from those accepted by the majority. .
             18. Pacifism- My mother told me that the word pacifism is the belief in a peaceful resolution. .
             Reviewing Key Facts .
             Francisco Pizarro- Francisco Pizarro was a Spanish army captain.
             John Cabot- John Cabot was an Italian navigator that hoped to find a western route to Asia. John Cabot also explored North America's coastline for England in 1497.
             Walter Raleigh- Walter Raleigh was an English courtier, navigator, colonizer, and writer.
             William Bradford- William Bradford was an English Puritan colonist in America.

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