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Greatest years in american History

            The Greatest Years in America's History.
             There are many periods in history that would be nice to have lived in. If I had to choose from any of these, it would be from the period of the depression, through the gangster era, and World War II. Those were the glory days, where life went from poor to rich in a period of thirty years. It must have been something to see America go from living large to nothing, and then make a complete turn around and thrive. To live in the time between 1920 to 1950 would be my dream, to see war and flourishing of the forties through the fifties.
             During the 1920's just about everyone was having the time of their life. The economy was rich, and everyone was taking advantage of it. Most everyone saw the gangsters as legends because they gave people what they wanted. There were wild parties every night, speakeasies, and flappers. People were just out to have a good time and make easy money. No one thought about prohibition, probably because there was actually more alcohol and speakeasies (bars) during prohibition then there were before it.
             Although the Great Depression to many was thought of as one of America's worst memories, I like to think of it as the "Great Test" of America. It's not hard to be a great nation when everyone is rich, but when everyone is poor and still there is pride and patriotism in their hearts, I think it shows that Americans will endure. The Depression pulled families together substantially because they had to stick together or they would starve. There weren't any televisions, most people didn't have cars, and there were nearly no other modern technologies for people to waste their time on. People helped other people every chance they had.
             World War II was a time of great patriotism. The only thing that everyone wanted to do was get revenge on Japan. The economy was doing better and people were making money. Everyone was a hero in their own way whether they were soldiers or housewives.

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