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Ten Most Important American Technologies

            The modern world has been rocked by numerous advances and changes. However, perhaps the greatest advancements seem to stem from the advent of technology. Falk (2013), in his book, Twelve Inventions Which Changed America: The Influence of Technology on American Culture, states that in the American aspect, the technological breakthroughs over the years have offered numerous solutions to some of the earlier challenges that presented. Human civilization efforts have been integrally revolutionized through the many technological inventions that have hit the American and global market (Hughes, 2011). This essay looks at the many American inventions that have been seen over the years. Essentially, through the advanced technological advancements, various sectors of the American society such as communication, transport, military action and education have all been transformed.
             First, there is the invention of the telephone that revolutionized communication. Before the advent of the telephone, American communication over large distances was impeded since the existing communication routes were only for over short distances. However, through the efforts of Graham Bell in 1876, the telephone was invented (Winston, 2008). In the earlier years, the telephone was simpler and less sophisticated. However, the advancements in modern technology, the traditional telephone has evolved into what it is today. In relation to communication, the other significant invention that changed America is the dawn of the internet. The internet era of today has changed how Americans communicate to as simple as clicking buttons. In as much as the internet invention cannot be attributed to a single inventor, various contributions over the past 50 years have made it what it is today. Today's American society revolves around the internet. Communication, business and education in the American context all owe it to the invention of the internet.

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