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Technology - Backbone of Society

            "Wifi and cell phones are slowly killing off the human race!" preached a crazy lady who lives on the rural Western Slope of Colorado. Cell phones and wifi might not be causing cancer or killing people, but technology might be more harmful than helpful. With every breath a new technological advancement is being put into place all across the world. Technology such as T.V.s, computers, and cell phones have become the center that society revolves around. The reasons why technology is harmful, for example, are cell phones keep us too connected, people rely on it too much, and certain parts of children's brains don't develop as well if they use technology too often.
             Technology by definition is the making or modification of tools, machines or techniques to solve a problem or issue. By that definition technology is a great advancement for people as a society. It helps people accomplish tasks easier on a daily basis. The most technologically advanced society would be the "best" surrounding to live in. Movies like Wall-E depict people who abandoned Earth, on which they destroyed by polluting it so badly, now sit in a chair in front of a screen all day. This is not what people should have to evolve to, a society where humans are nothing but consumers and rely solely on technology to tell them how to live or live for them. A literary example of this type of society is the novel Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. Huxley's futuristic world revolves around being a consumer, having sex, and doing drugs. They don't have feelings in their society, which means no families, no happiness, no depression, nothing. The society is based on stability. Huxley wrote this novel in 1932 about a hyperbole of a futuristic society. What he didn't know is that in about 80 years our society would be on a track to making his prediction of the future come true. People rely on technology everyday to survive, not just to "better their lives".

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