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Communism And Society

             In human society alterations and flexibility are associated with one another in reference to the passage of time. Throughout history certain techniques have been thought of to instruct, lead and control the resources of societies. These techniques or practices are referred to as governments while the resources are seen as the populace, which are also the forces of production. For a government to work efficiently it must be flexible. This is because a government must be able to reflect and adapt to the changes in society. Systems of government, however, have been able to survive without reflecting the changes in society. When a system of government does not reflect society it creates a deficit between the system and those it regulates. As a result the deficits mount and cause instability. When instability is present in any society, the populace is very likely to get rid of the cause of the instability through a phenomenon called a revolution. Revolutions can come in many forms. For example revolutions can come in the form of violence, such as war, or it can come in the form of evolution, such as legislative transitions of government. Many socio-economic theories have been formulated to rationalize why revolutions occur. One of the many famous socio-economic theories developed was Communism. Communism was created by Carl Marx and his associate Frederick Engels in the 1800's in their famous work of literature called the Communist Manifesto. The Communist Manifesto concentrates on the economic evolution in English society from a feudal/mercantile system to capitalist system. It also explains why other European countries will follow the same path and how capitalism has affected European society. It also offers a solution to the capitalist system. .
             In the Communist Manifesto, Marx and his associate Frederick Engels made observation of the socio-economic transformation that was occurring in the British Isle.

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