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             "In a perfect society where everyone wants bliss and utopia, Communism is the best form of government"(Marx;76-77). That statement from Karl Marx is not just his opinion, but a proven fact. Throughout history political philosophers have debated which form of government is the best for a nation to succeed and prosper. There are currently many active forms of government in many countries, yet only few have made those countries part of the upper echelon. A government is what your country evolves around and it is what will decide your success status in the world. For this reason the decision must be made very carefully. And in a perfect world the type of government needed is already decided. Communism is the best form of government.
             Communism was the brainchild of German born philosophers Karl Marx and Frederic Engels. They formed a bond over their dislike for capitalism. They had an idea for a government controlled industry so that businesses would make decisions that would benefit the countries as a whole. Together they persuaded the 2nd Communistic Congress to adopt their political beliefs. They then drafted the "Communist Manifesto", which would serve as guidelines for future governments. This document is important as it gives all the blueprints to run a successful government(O"Connor;11-15).
             While Communism is a superior government, there are many who are opposed. The United States for example, has fought three wars against communistic countries. During the cold war, we were so wary of the spread of Communism to our country, we began jailing people on whims (i.e.McCarthyism). The United States government believes that Communism takes away citizens civil rights and infringes upon many freedoms. Those who oppose Communism speak out about how that form of government deletes individuality and the right to free speech. They claim Communism has already been used in many countries and has fallen because of its weaknesses.

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