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             Communism is a political movement that is seen by the independent Western world as a threat to their systems of governments and way of life. The fear was because; in a communist system there is no private ownership of business or property. All the country's wealth was shared amongst the whole population. Everyone is equal and no-one profits from another person. In the 1920's, believers in communism tried to influence trade unions and The Labor Party in Australia to turn the country into a communist state. This fear took two forms:.
             1) The fear of communism within Australia,.
             2) The fear of communism spreading in the nations to.
             Australia's north.
             In 1917, the monarchy was overthrown and the world's first communist government was formed. It was led by Vladimir Lenin in which it later became successful and resulted in the establishment of a communist state, the United Soviet Socialist Republic(USSR), which was also known as the Soviet Union. Lenin also established, the Communist International, an organisation to assist the spread of communism throughout the world.
             The Communist Party was formed in 1920, but had very small membership and limited influence in the trade unions until World War II. In response to this formation, a Crimes Act was passed in Parliament which stated that if any person supported the overthrow of an existing Australian Government by violence, they would be guilty of a crime punishable by imprisonment.
             During The Great Depression, members of the Communist International in Australia increased to 4000 and it began to have an influence on mining, transport, waterside and metal unions. At the occurrence of World War II, communists were instructed to oppose the war effort. The negative influence of the communists led the Federal Government to prohibit the party between June 1940 and December 1942.

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