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             Communism arose in the early nineteen hundreds, and continues with its ideas and ideologies even today. Communism arose as a result of anti-monarchism and anti-capitalism. Later communism developed into its anti-religion stage, in which it declared war on anyone who was not an atheist. Communism was a way of life that at the time was seen as a savior to the starving and oppressed people of the world. It played a huge role in the economy, especially since its aim was to help the poor. Communism at the time looked like it was the only way people could live fairly and happily, but it later proved that as time went on people only got their freedoms taken away from them and that it forced them to live the way it wanted them to live. Communism in no way can compete with other political ideas such as the Islamic political government, which survived, and flourished, and ruled almost a third of the world for thirteen hundred years, and capitalism, which is the ruling political ideology of the world today. Communism today is being totally destroyed and there is no aiding it. It has collapsed and died in its main headquarters Russia, and is slowly dyeing in China. Communism will eventually fall and when it does the question what should replace it, is left for its people to answer.
             The rise of communism is due to the terrible living conditions that the Russian poor faced. The poor were being mistreated by the "bourgeoisie", while the czar at the time only cared for the nobles. This and the fact that in 1855 the Russians first lost the Crimean war (because of the lack of proper training of the huge Russian army), made Russia ripe for a change in its political ideas. The loss caused great economic depression that lasted for more then a half of a century (Bales James 138). During this depression many ideologies about how to govern developed. The greatest, was the idea of Communism, which was brought forth by Karl Marx's and Fredrich Engels" writing Scientific Socialism.

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