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communism good

             Is Communism really that bad? People in the United States have been putting down Communism for a while so I decided to look at Communism in a different way; showing that Communism can in fact be a better idea than Capitalism. The following examples will be used to attempt to show that communism can be a better form of government than capitalism: equality, employment, health care and the well being of our society. I will also attempt to show why Communist societies in the past have not worked, and provide a possible solution for those problems in the past.
             First of all in a communist regime, people are all equal to each other no matter how educated that person is. For example a Surgeon who is very well educated is equal in status with a peasant farmer because in communism there is no such thing as lower class, middle class and upper class. Eliminating economic boundaries which separate people, benefits the whole society because when we eliminate the have and have not, there will be no need for people to go out and steal which in effect will get rid of crime all together.
             Secondly in a Communist economic system people are never unemployed because the government owns the means of production. This means the governments owns all the factories and stores because there is no private owner ship in a Communist system. This is good because the government can control and decide what is needed for the good of society and produce it. Another reason why Communism is a good idea is because everyone in the country is provided with a job, house and food; no one is denied the essentials of life.
             One of the most fundamental human rights is access to adequate health care. In Communist countries the right of access to health care is very well practiced, because nobody is denied health care. In a Communist country you could go to the Doctor for a Flu shot or a complicated procedure such as a triple coronary bypass surgery and the government will pick up the tab on both occasions.

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