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Problems of Marxism

            A spectre is hunting Europe - the spectre of communism.
             - Marx and Engels-.
             Surely, almost everyone knows that communism hunted not just European but also numerous countries all over the world. Many individuals, mostly young souls were enchanted by the energies and enthusiasm of Marxist-Engels brilliant formulations on the abolition of commoditized labour. However cunning and visionary these formulations were, scholars have already realized the limits of communist ideals. The succeeding discussions will focus on these limitations. .
             Sociology as a discipline has her roots grounded on the major principles of communism. As a major sociological framework, conflict theory seeks to explain the dynamic nature of human relations heavily saturated with opposing interests and the perpetual threat of violence. Marxist arguments elucidate basic sociological concepts such as stratification, power, inequality, and alienation. Furthermore, my interest here is to present and describe the problems and failures of communism amidst the increasing spread of global economy borrowing significant experiences from different regions in the globe. .
             The socialist-communist discourses developed a distinct relationship that confuses several readers thus, presenting deviations and facts about communism and socialism is significant before proceeding into a more detailed discussion. .
             I SOCIALISM.
             Several thinkers and social observers declare that socialism is a tempered form of communism, while others claim them to be two distinctly different and opposite theories, communism being a cruel and brute disenchantment and socialism being an enlightened and successful theoretical orientation. Socialism utters not strictly equality of social conditions or statuses but a genuine distribution of life chances and opportunities among its members.

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