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The Pros of a Marxist Society

            An ideal Marxist society provides equality for everyone, eliminating class distinctions. It gives control to the largest portion of the people, advocates for the equality of women in the work force, and provides for all. Therefore, Marxism is ultimately the correct way to organize a society, if only for the reason that the state is controlled by the proletariat, the largest sector of the population. The educational structure of a Marxist society consists of pupils obeying their instructors, much like the social classes (the workers obeying those with money). This educational structure is ideal because Marxism highly encourages an educated population. The main reason for this is to raise labor productivity and advance societal and technological developments. The education system also instills nationalism in citizens, as well as teaching them to live a self-fulfilling life as dictated by the social norms of communism. A sense of nationalism in the lower social classes provides people with a sense of purpose to work hard in factories, labor camps, and in making the most of there education. The government we created made education appear as a doorway into helping sustain Russia and make it stronger. Citizens learned to build, fight, and create in hopes of making Russia a strong nation and a global competitor.
             The title Marxism could easily be changed to "anti-capitalism." Marxists see capital economies as a source of all strife and strain in a society. Capitalism separates people into classes, making one group much more powerful than the other. People who do little work get paid a ridiculous amount and those that constantly labor get paid very little. There are many without a guaranteed income, and the market can easily come crashing down if one event goes slightly wrong. Therefore, Karl Marx conceived the idea that the price of a good should no longer be based on market prices or societal worth, but rather the amount of human labor that goes into production and the actual value of use for the product.

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