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Stalin and Soviet Society

             The developments initiated by Stalin between 1928 and 1940 all had the effect of increasing the role of the state in Soviet society. Discuss.
             In order to assess how Stalin attained and upheld complete power in the 1930's it is necessary to examine the factors which led his drive towards totalitarianism and also the steps that allowed him to assume this position. From his youth Stalin decided upon the kind of regime he ultimately wished to put in force within Russia. This began when he assumed the name Stalin "man of steel" and it was this vision of him that drove him to lead the revolution that was to change the face of the Soviet Union forever. After the death of Lenin, Stalin implemented his attack on power, which he hoped would result in him becoming the ultimate leader. His regime was utterly ruthless and therefore the most efficient of the totalitarian dictatorships. He unleashed a flood of coercion and terror that was unprecedented and unparalleled. .
             The sheer efficiency of this control could easily stamp out any move of meaning opposition to him. Stalin's regime involved a series of plans for change with regards to the Soviet economy and culture. With regards to the collectivisation policy of 1928 in which Stalin implemented in order to bring the whole economic system into line with his own preconceptions, agriculture was sacrificed to the development of industry creating great resistance and suffering. However, employment soared as a result of this enhancement of heavy industry. With regards to cultural and educational changes implemented, Stain restored differentials based on economic performance, revived the family as the basic social unit and brought traditional methods back to education. All changes had an effect on the Soviet Society, whether these developments increased the role of the State needs to be conformed throughout the essay.
             The first major obstacle faced by Stalin was the prominence of the opposition.

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