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Stalin's Use of Propaganda

            Propaganda is a strategy of communication which influences an audience, largely, through emotional appeal. Several dictators have used propaganda during wars in order to dehumanize the enemy. The Soviet propaganda promoted Marxist and Leninist ideology in order to promote the Communist Party and its leader, Stalin. This propaganda was aimed at creating an idolization of Stalin through the entire country, extolling the virtues of the new ideology of the religion of socialism and Stalin's charismatic strength. The main goal was to create a new society where individuals were equal, stronger, faithful and united. Stalin's propaganda strategy was used in the entire country. Its myth of infallible leader push individuals to idolize his policy and rehabilitate the population. Stalin's propaganda was successful because he perceived the population to enter in his own ideology and used communication strategy.
             Stalin manipulated his audience by effectively linking his image with several traditional, cultural symbols with emotional connotations. His cult began by portraying him as a "strong," "beloved," "bold," and "genius" leader. The interaction between Stalin and children from the Communist Party became an extremely important key in his cult of the personality. His strategy of communication was often based on gift giving to the Soviet children, particularly in vast celebrations in order to promote his "father" figure among the population. In addition, the cult of personality adopted several religious traditions, particularly Christian idolization and devotion to Stalin's effigies. This devotion was absent in the religion itself but was transformed to Stalin. .
             The main symbols of Stalin's propaganda were present in many forms of advertisement. Almost in each image, the symbol of the red fag is present. The red flag is associated with Communist Party.

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