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            If Lenin was identified with the theory and the ideology of Communism, his successor was the reel incarnation. The rigorous rule of the Russian Communist dictator Josef Stalin (1879-1953) especially in its concentration of all power and authority in the Communist world in Russia, is today known as Stalinism. Although his rule coincided with the expansion of Communism in the world, one should however be aware of all the lives that were taken away during his dictatorship which took place from after Lenin's death until his own. The question of the necessity of his methods can be asked relative to the introduction of the Collectivisation process, The 5 Year Plan and The purges. Indeed, this essay will show if Stalinism was necessary for Russia, for economy, for the promotion of the Communist ideology or for Stalin himself so as to intensify his own power. The costs, the success and the benefits of Stalinism shall also be put forward in order to give a better answer.
             The problems in the agricultural sector that Stalin faced as he came to power were numerous and each had their own consequence on the living conditions of all Russians. Indeed, internal problems included backward methods causing low production, difficulties of collection, unreliable and irregular support, knowing at the same time that Stalin had to face the emergence of the Capitalist class. Moreover, the new dictator of Russia also faced external problems, which were the worry of "catching up with Europe" as he said, the threat of the neighbouring countries notably Germany or even Japan after its humiliating defeat in World War I. Stalin then came up with the solution of introducing the process of Collectivisation which were in fact individual farms which were combined to form larger, more economically viable "Collective farms": the Kolkhoz. In this system, some of the produce would be sold to the sate at a low price and in return the state provided agricultural machinery and advice.

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