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The Stalin Era

             Stalin's rise to power led him to many harsh economic policies, political policies, .
             A combination of political genius, opportunism, and luck .
             brought Stalin to power. The ruthless Stalin took every opportunity he had and ran like .
             the wind with it, and assured his future position as the leader of the Communist party. .
             Stalin rose and became one of the most influential man in the Communist party. From .
             that point on, it was simply a bit of propaganda, a bit of magic, and gallons of luck that .
             combined to make Stalin the leader of the entire Communist world and one of the most .
             powerful man in all of history. Some of the real reasons for Stalin's rise to power were .
             that his position gave him an advantage over his rivals. As head of the control .
             commission, he had the power to control the party membership. The disunity among .
             Stalin's opponents also gave him more advantages, his opponent's differences gave Stalin .
             a huge opportunity to set them against each other and prevent them from uniting and .
             going against him. Stalin's theory was more appealing to most Russians who had strong .
             pride in their country and believed that they should focus on solving economic problems .
             and strengthen themselves before spreading communism in other countries. This won .
             more support for Stalin over Trotsky. Stalin had talent for manipulating situations, the .
             combination of his ability to manipulate situations and the failure of the others to prevent him from taking over was another factor in his rise to power. Trotsky missed out on .
             several opportunities to help eliminate Stalin politically, but when Trotsky failed to take .
             advantage of them, Stalin planned himself into a stronger position by allying with .
             Zinoviev and Kamnev. He then manipulated them into shattering Trotsky, which .
             eliminated the biggest threat to Stalin's path to power. .
             After Stalin came to power, he came up with a plan for economic growth. The plan was called the Five-Year Plan.

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