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            `Stalin acted not through persuasion, explanation and patient cooperation with people, but by imposing his concepts and demanding absolute submission to his opinion. Whoever opposed this concept or tried to prove his viewpoint and the correctness of his position was doomed to removal from the leading collective and to subsequent moral and physical annihilation. He was never actaully in the action wasnt aware of what was going on.Stalin believed that the whole country should function as one; the state and the masses intertwined, it thus made sense that he wanted the Soviet culture to reflect socialism .
             He felt cultural heroes should be the workers, who through selfless dedication to the state helped create a utopia .
             The sphere where Stalin exerted all of his influence from was the political. His ruling style developed as something unique and distinctive to his psychological background. .
             Its most important and striking characteristic was its violence. .
             Stalin believed firmly in the presence of invisible enemies. Whether domestic or abroad, he had to take all precautions to prevent their being able to undermine his regime. Thus, when any evidence was found that they were within his striking distance, he would remove them. .
             This was especially true in his earlier years, when the impetementation of collectivization was being questioned by party members. He saw any disagreement with his policies as being against him, and even when they agreed but wanted to do it more slowly, he saw this as a personal attack. .
             This resulted in a number of party purges, and the repressive ruling style that continued throughout his dictatorship. A Quick Summary.
             Okay, these have been the key ideas of Stalinism, including in what he wanted to do, why he wanted to, how he did it, and what he did. Now, a brief recap .
             Stalinism grew out of fundamental idea: communism is the best, and by implementing it in the USSR a world revolution would begin .

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