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Joesph Stalin vs. Napoleon - Animal Farm

            Propaganda is information, ideas, or rumors deliberately spread widely to help or harm a person, group, or movement. Stalin and Napoleon both used propaganda to help themselves gain power. Joseph Stalin used propaganda because he had to keep the Russian people under his control. Stalin was afraid that the people of Russia would rebel against him. He knew that he needed to convince them that he was the best leader they could have. Stalin had the Russians convinced that he was a great leader. Napoleon also used propaganda in the same ways that Stalin did. He had to instill fear in the animals to make sure that he was in control. Napoleon wanted the animals to think that he was a better leader than Mr. Jones was. Both Joseph Stalin and Napoleon used the following types of propaganda: Fear, Slogans, and Glittering Generalities to prove their power.
             First, Joseph Stalin used propaganda to control the people of Russia and to gain more power for himself. Joseph Stalin was in control from 1924 to 1953 ("Stalinism ") Fear was one type of propaganda Joseph Stalin used. Joseph Stalin used fear when he put people into the Gulag. Dr. Janusz, a Gulag survivor said that if a person was ten minutes late for work, or stole a bag of potatoes, they would be sent to the Gulag for ten years of labor (Joseph Stalin " Red Terror"). Joseph Stalin and the directors of the Gulag would randomly shoot people in the Gulag without reason (Joseph Stalin "Red Terror"). Five million people starved to death, and if a person mentioned it, they would be sent to the Gulag. Stalin also deported persecuted ethnic minorities to Siberia ("Stalinism "). .
             Stalin was a cruel leader to the people of Russia; he purposely killed his own people to make himself more powerful making other people that lived in Russia fear him. Next, Stalin used slogans as a type of propaganda. Stalin used slogans to brainwash the Russian people.

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