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Stalin vs napoleon

             In George Orwell's novel Animal Farm, Joseph Stalin, the Russian political leader, was compared to the character of Napoleon, the pig. I agree with this comparison because after researching I found out that many of the steps Stalin took to take over were the same as Napoleon's. When Jones (Czar Nicholas II) was overthrown everybody thought that it would be for the best, but it just led to more chaos in Russia as well as on Animal Farm.
             After the death of Old Major and the defeat of Jones, Napoleon led everybody to think that what he was doing to benefit himself was benefiting the whole farm. Stalin led everybody to think that communism was for the best, when it really only benefited him and his leaders. According to my research, it was believed that Stalin (and Napoleon) destroyed what could have been a good society based on Democratic socialism. For example: while Napoleon thought he was doing good by tricking everybody into thinking every mistake was Snowball's fault, he was just causing more problems than had already existed. In the information that I found, Stalin felt Trotsky had succeeded during the days of storm and stress but was unfit for the office politics, but I think that Stalin wanted all of the power to himself. It was the same thing with Napoleon; he turned on his comrade Snowball and turned everybody against him only because he wanted all of the power and food and none of the mistakes blamed on himself. I agree with Orwell's comparison. He pointed out some of Stalin's actions in the character of Napoleon and made it very clear who he was trying to represent. Orwell also made it very clear that he strongly disbelieved in Stalin and Trotsky's beliefs, for the fact that the animal that represented them were pigs. .

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