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Secret Police Vs. Dogs

             George Orwell wrote a book called " Animal Farm", in 1945. It's a book very similar to the time period of Stalin. The Animals on the farm are based on communist party leaders and the broad spectrum of the Soviet People, who were affected by Joseph Stalin. George Orwell created many characters in his book who are represented in Stalins time.
             The dogs in George Orwell's book represent Stalin's secret police caught and murdered people, just like the dogs in the book. The secret police had a ruler, Stalin, as for the dogs did, who was Napoleon, a pig. Both of the leaders lied a lot, to cover up for what they have done. They were gruesome. Murdering, lying, and doing it for all one person, their leaders. Stalin's secret police committed crimes against some 11,000 poles living in the Western Ukrain, and Western Bebrussia after the USSR had incoroated those regions, and they murdered more than 3,000 Polish prisoners in panic killings when Germany attacked in June 1941. The book ans events all happened around the samr time, the mid 1900's.
             A Quote from the book that was used to show that the dogs truly were as bad as they seemed was, on page 93. Four pigs came up to Napoleon and the dogs, to confess their crimes. The pigs confessed their crimes, and the quote from the book that show this was, " When they had finished their confession, the dogs promptly tore their throats out, and in a terrible voice Napoleon demanded weather any other animals had anything to confess." As you can see the dogs were horriable, everyone was afraid of them, as was for Stalins secret police. People feared the secret police, because they did things like that all the time, just as the dogs did.
             Another quote from the book that expresses hoe the dogs acted torwards others was on page 94. It stated that " no animal shall kill any other animal". The dogs broke this rule, along with many other rules that were givin. They did kill other animals purposely.

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