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Canines and Police Work

            I disagree with the statement that dogs should be blamed for making mistakes while helping the police on investigations. Dogs are natural hunters and are known for having an acute sense of smell which is why they are used to help police catch bad people. Sometimes dogs do make mistakes; it isn't like they have a conscious mind to figure things for themselves the way that humans do. Also, they aren't perfect, and neither are we, so both dogs and humans make mistakes while on the job. There are places where people want to remove dogs for doing certain things and let machines do them. Canines should be allowed to be used as evidence in the presence of a court case the same way that humans are. .
             "They are fallible, just like a person," says Charles Mesloh speaking on behalf of the canines. Humans expect to be allowed to do what they are supposed to do but on occasion, they do make mistakes for what they were supposed to accomplish. I am astonished as well at the fact that the first passage only depicts some cases about dogs making mistakes while in the search for someone! What happened to all these cases where dogs have caught people and were dogs are shown as heroes for their actions? Canines are "recognized experts in supersensitivity to odors", and the passage also clearly states that some states only allow scent evidence from bloodhounds to be admitted and used in court. These two arguments prove that dogs should be allowed to use in court even if they are fallible! There have been many times as well that people have made mistakes as well and convicted someone wrongfully; people have also done this purposely as well. .
             In the modern world, machines are replacing many of the things and the ways that humans have been living for a long time. Now with these certain types of crisis, of some person that needs to be tracked down people want to use a machine of some sort to do so.

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