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Animal Farm

             The novel Animal Farm, written by George Orwell, was written as an insight for young readers to the communism government. Through animals and a farm, Orwell is able to grab one's attention while teaching a valuable history lesson. Napoleon, a large boar, is the appointed leader, while the farm's pigs served as his assistants. They maintained control over the farm, much like the communism government maintains control over its country. In order to keep the others in line and follow their orders, they came up with several ways to enhance their power. The first, and probably the most effective way of maintaining control of the farm, was by using the animal's loyalty to Old Major. To make the animals committed to Napoleon they changed the seven commandments to suit their commands. The second way the pigs keep the others dedicated was by making themselves appear better and smarter than any of the other animals. The third means of keeping control started before Napoleon became the leader of the farm, when he took Jessie's puppies and trained them to follow his ruling and remain loyal to him.
             The Seven Commandments helped the pigs keep control over the farm, because they could use them to slowly change the other's loyalty, from Old Major to Napoleon, without them realizing it. The pigs slightly changed the wording of the commandments to better suit Napoleons rulings, but still made the animals believe they were following Old Major's dream of the animals all being free. The pigs actually used the other's belief in the Seven Commandment and all that they stood for, to make them do exactly what they had been fighting against. The purpose of taking over Manor Farm was to be free and equal, but as Napoleon became the leader of the farm, they went back to the old ways of the farm, except this time Napoleon was the one they were working for. Old Major made the commandment "All animals are equal," but it was gradually changed to "All animals are equal, but some are more equalier than others.

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