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Animal Farm

            This report is on Animal Farm written by George Orwell. The story took place on the Manor Farm, which is later renamed Animal Farm, in Willingdon, England. There was no defined date in the story but someone could tell that it was sometime when people were still often using hoarse-drawn carriages.
             In the beginning of the story, the animals were introduced to the idea of a rebellion against humans by the most highly respected farm animal Old Major, the middle white boar of the farm. Old Major's idea of freedom was that no humans could be allowed on the farm and that no animal can copy humans and the evil things they do. Old Major died of old age soon after he gave his motivational speech about the rebellion, the animals were very moved by this but they managed to pull through quickly. Two new animals took charge after the death, two pigs named Snowball and Napoleon, who quickly got the animals ready to start the rebellion despite their two very different views. The rebellion came quicker than the animals thought. One day they rose up against Mr. Jones, the owner of the Manor Farm, causing him to flee his own farm and leaving the animals in control. Mr. Jones hadn't treated the animals with much respect and didn't feed them well which caused them to take such drastic measures to remove him and all other human influence from the Animal Farm, which it was then called. Now that the animals were free they could do what they wanted; eat as much as they desired, do however much work they wanted, and enjoy there new freedom. The pigs Snowball and Napoleon decided on creating the seven commandments which were to be followed by all the animals. Things were progressing on the Animal Farm and the animals were running the farm on their own with no problems because they knew it was better than when Mr. Jones owned it. Eventually the pigs, who were smarter than all the others, had began to learn to read and even write.

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