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Animal Farm

            This George Orwell story takes place during the Russian Revolution in 1917. It is about the animals of the Manor Farm who overthrow their master after being mistreated for a long time. The farm animals continue to do their usual work only with more pride because they"re doing it for themselves rather than humans. During the story the pigs of the farm start gaining more and more power over the other animals. They start to almost get like the humans. It goes to show that the animals abuse the power just like the humans. .
             The book starts in the barnyard of Mr. Jones" Manor Farm. A boar starts a meeting with the animals to discuss the mistreatment, and how no animal in England is free. The boar has the animals so convinced that he can overthrow the humans. .
             Days later the boar dies, but his idea didn't. The pigs follow through with his plan and succeed, gaining the power of the animals. The pigs are the most intelligent animals on the farm. Napoleon, the leader of the pigs, makes sure the farm's work still gets done. .
             The animals make laws of there own that they all must obey. The laws state that they can't be like humans. They can't sleep in beds and wear clothing. Most importantly they have to respect each other and killing another animal is forbidden. Since the pigs are the leaders, little by little they start taking more food for themselves. The master, Mr. Jones, tries to reclaim his powers but the animals do not let him. After the battle Napoleon drives another pig off the farm because he was gaining too much power. Only Napoleon told the rest of the animals that he was on the humans" side. Slowly, Napoleon gets a stronger hold over the animals. .
             Napoleon changes the name of the Manor Farm to the Animal Farm. He goes against his own laws and starts to sleep in a bed and wear clothes. Napoleon arranged the law to be changed and interpreted differently. At the end of the book the pigs are eating at a table with the humans.

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