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The People's Century

             This term refers to the way in which ideas and inventions transcend cultural or country boundaries and have the potential to affect the whole globe. Starting with the Industrial Revolution and the French Revolution in the eighteenth century, global interrelatedness replaced a former system of regional interconnectedness. Global Interrelatedness came about due to a number of factors which include, population growth, advancments in technology, and the growth of the European Empire that had far reaching communication with and influence over a great deal of the world.
             Historically this concept is significant in that it marked an important shift in the way the world worked. No longer could the people of the world be truly isolated from each other.
             Technology Vs. Nature.
             The concept of technology vs. nature refers to the advance and use of technology to help man conquer nature. The fastest advances in technology have occurred with the start of the industrial revolution. Thus the time since the industrial revolution have shown the greatest effects of technology on nature. Advances in technology have been fueled by many factors such as desire for increased quality of life, strength in war and possession of power.
             Historically, the concept of technology vs. nature is significant in that it helps to characterize mankind and has proved to be a driving force behind many events of mankind's history.
             Status of most of the world's people at the start of the twentieth century.
             Many circumstances in the world were the same as they had been for some time. For example, European royal families ruled most of the world. Daily survival was a major priority for most of the worlds people, most of who worked as dependant farmers. Forty-six was the average life expectancy, as medical science had not advanced a great deal by this time. Privilege and obedience were key elements of society at this time. Many of these circumstances were to soon change however.

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