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History of the Jewish People in England

            Since the beginning of Jewish presence in England, the Jewish people lived a life of great hatred and persecution. The Jews have an unpleasant history in England. The Jewish people were said to have accompanied the Normans to England in 1066 during the Norman Conquest. The only reason the Jewish community was brought to England with the Normans was solely for financial services specifically moneylending. The Normans needed the Jewish community's money to establish their rule over England. The Normans used their money to build castles and cathedrals throughout the conquered land. The Jewish people performed usury as their source of wealth. Usury is the act of making a living from charging interest of loans of money. According to the Christian religion it was a sin to make money off the back of struggling people. This did not allow the Christians to charge interest for loans but it did not state in the Jewish religion that usury was not allowed. The Jewish community decided to do this resulting in the Jews playing a major role in the economy. Even though the Jewish people played a major role economically, the Jewish community was still hated greatly specifically from the Christians. .
             The Jewish religion was hated the first time the step foot in England. The Jewish religion was hated just for existing. Since the Jews came with the Normans when they invaded England, the native English people hated the Jews from the beginning. The Christian church adopted a theory to explain the existence of the Jewish community known as the Witness Theory. The theory states that God wanted there to be Jews in the world as a warning to Christians as what life would be like if they weren't Christians. This theory was a scare tactic for the Christians but it would only work if the Jewish community was very poor. Unfortunately, many of the Jewish communities were pretty well of because they were the only other people able to perform usury.

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