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The Modernization of 17th Century Europe

            Modernization in the 17th century Europe can be best defined as a period that embraced freedom of expression. This is obvious in how religious, political, economic factors have affected how the continent has expanded from limited and narrow worldview to a global and diverse one. The Dutch East India Company was an economic change that had a big affect on trading routes and commodities in Europe. The Protestant Reformation was a religious change the way people thought about Catholicism and Christianity. Also the Protestant Reformation was a political change because it changed who controlled the land and increased equality.
             In the document Dutch East India, Trade Network Company, was an economic change because of trade material exchanges and the way certain products was manufactured. The Dutch East Company replaced local trading networks into their own trading posts, like Arabia, India, Ceylon, China, and Japan. This made Europe more modern because there were more commodities traded and a new faster system for trade. The regional trade mark was serviced by smaller ships along trading routes that had an variety of ports throughout the region. These trading commodities included textiles, pepper, and yarn from India, and cinnamon, cardamom, and gem from Sir Laka. This affected the economy in many ways people found ways to make clothes, jewelry, java, and many other products. The Dutch East India trade was a big help in modernization it brought new ways to for trade and natural resources.
             The Lutheran and Protestant Reformation document shows how it affected religion. Europe was mostly Catholic in the 1600s the Pope controlled the church, the people, and trade and the kings. The Church owned almost one third of land which made them more powerful, and also oppressive. The Pope controlled the kings with religious and political restraints. But a man named Martin Luther made the 95 theses that revolutionized the mindset of the European majority.

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