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Critical Lens

            The quote "All conflict in literature, is in its simplest form, a struggle between good and evil" is portrayed within every piece of literature. Both influences, good and evil, are always trying to triumph over a character, or a group of characters. All people, whether they are characters in a story or just the people of life, must choose either good or evil. In literature, the author illustrates to the reader the difference between good and evil using the characters of the story. Such works that symbolize this quotation is George Orwell's Animal Farm and Jack Golding's Lord of The Flies. In both works, he author uses various methods to transmit the struggle of good and evil. .
             Animal Farm written by George Orwell is a modern political allegory set in the 20th century. Not liking their owner, the animals of Animal Farm attempt to revolt with the intention of setting up a perfect utopian society for them. With the help of two smart pigs, Snowball and Napoleon, the animals were able to defeat their enemy and take over Animal Farm. The struggle for preeminence between Snowball and Napoleon emerges in the rivalry between good and evil. In both the historical and fictional cases, the idealistic but politically less powerful figure, Snowball, is expelled from the revolutionary state by the malicious and illegal violence of power. He quickly sets up a totalitarian government, in which the other animals have no word. .
             George Orwell uses many literary and thematic techniques to get his message of struggle across to the reader. One such method is symbolism. Snowball and Napoleon can be compared to the real world characters of Trotsky and Stalin. These two are also the carriers of the good versus evil theme. Another element Orwell uses is Anthropomorphism. Orwell gives the animals human like qualities to enhance the role they play in the book. Animals are able to talk and think in order to give the story a more realistic view.

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