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Romeo and Juliet

            Someone once said, "The best literature is about the old universal truths, such as love, honor, pride, compassion, and sacrifice." The best literature is based upon these things because every person can make some kind of connection to one of the universal truths. This statement is proven to be true in life and literature. In the illustrious pay Romeo and Juliet, written by William Shakespeare, Romeo shows his devoting love, sacrifice, and compassion towards Juliet. During the play, Romeo shows his love for Juliet when he says, "Well, Juliet, I will lie with thee tonight." He then sacrifices his life just to be with his wife and only love, Juliet.
             Many characters in the play show an extrusive amount of love towards another character. One character that expresses their true love for Juliet, in a variety of ways, is Romeo. To show Juliet that he really does love her, he does many things that the average person would not do. For example, sacrificing their life. Romeo loved Juliet so much that when he heard the news of her death, he decided that the best thing to do was kill himself. He also sacrifices his life when he goes back to Verona, the town he was prohibited to go to, or when he drinks the poison that will bring him to his death. He does this all for the sake of Juliet. However, this story goes both ways. Juliet also sacrificed her life and shows a great amount of love for Romeo. Juliet gives up her life when she sees Romeo dead. Juliet also reveals how much love she has for Romeo in the scene where Juliet is in her chamber on her balcony and starts off by saying, "O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo?" She explains her love for Romeo in many words. Each of the characters (Romeo and Juliet) shows an unbelievable amount of love for one another. Romeo and Juliet both made their love for each other lucid to the reader.
             The amount of love that was shown between Romeo and Juliet, makes it more clear to the reader that the play has a theme of unforbidden love, which supports the lens entirely.

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