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Film Overview - The Breakfast Club

            In order for a film to be considered a classic, it needs an original idea, a relatable plot, and the ability to withstand the test of time. The Breakfast Club, directed by John Hughes, is a landmark classic film of the century. It has a concept that is something that hadn't been done before, it is relatable for all viewers, and it is still considered a must-watch film today. Since classic literature is constantly analyzed through critical lenses, classic films should be too. The Breakfast Club is a film that can be very well analyzed through both the cultural and the feminist critical lenses. .
             The Breakfast Club is relatable for people of all ages, but predominantly is pertinent to the teenage age group. This is because this movie speaks of many of the cultural issues faced during the teenage years. The students in the film speak of family problems, social issues, and show examples of both things that have remained culturally similar and things that have drastically changed in social norms between then and now. Family life will always be one of the main components of a teenagers life. The Breakfast Club brings about a unique way to tie together various family problems faced by many teenagers. The struggles that Claire faces with divorce and being neglected in terms of affection is something that many teenagers (especially those teenagers that fall in the middle-upper class ranges) face in their own lives. The pressure that Andy and Brian both face, academically and athletically, is another issue that teenagers have to deal with in their own lives. The need to never disappoint is a need that may never be satiated. Also, the blatant neglect faced by Allison and John is something that unfortunately many teenagers also have to deal with. Among these 5 characters, pretty much all types of family situations are represented (to a certain extent) which is a very significant aspect of growing up.

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