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The Breakfast Club and Good Will Hunting

            The movies "The Breakfast Club" and "Good Will Hunting" demonstrated a wide variety of psychological traits. These two movies really showed how everyone has their own type of psychological traits. The first movie, The Breakfast Club, is about how five high school students have to spend their Saturday in detention due to their troublesome acts. Despite the fact that these students knew nothing about each other, they all faced the same pressures from their parents or social life. The students would never have been in contact with one another due to each of their social statuses like the rebel, the popular girl, athlete, nerd, and the crazy girl. However, towards the end of the movie the students realize that they all are going through similar pressures stowed upon by their parents. Even though they all got to know each other, the harsh reality is that they cannot be seen with each other or else their social status will be tarnished. The second movie, Good Will Hunting, is about an award winning college math professor discovers that a janitor in his school is actually a math genius. The janitor or Will was quickly judged by the professor as being a low life scum due to him being a janitor and also his appearance. The professor was so astonished by Will's brilliant math work that he even bailed him out of jail so that he could take Will under his wing and led him to right path. In order to do that however, the professor had to call his old roommate up because he was the only one that would be able to understand Will and get through to him.
             The psychological topic that is portrayed in both movies is pressure from others. This topic is a major issue in our society today and it is well demonstrated in both films. In The Breakfast Club, all five of the high school students have issues dealing with their parents. However, the main issue is that the students are being pressured from their parents or even their friends to be something they don't want to be.

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