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Good Will Hunting

             Good Will Hunting is a very different but good movie. I did enjoy most of the movie although there were some parts that were just plain boring. Matt Damon did a fantastic job as Will Hunting. Robin Williams and Damon were both very inspirational in this film. There weren't too many parts that I did not understand. Why wouldn't you want a fantastic job if it was right there in front of your face waiting for you? Why would you hide your one amazing ability? Williams figured all that out in the end of the movie. I guess I would understand all this on my own if I had the same background as Will Hunting. Although I could not relate with Hunting, I do believe that this film has been an inspiration to me.
             Matt Damon and Robin Williams had two very important roles in this film. They had to portray a young orphan man, who was a math genius, getting help from a shrink to keep himself out of jail. Those two characters were the most inspirational in this film. If you look at Damon in this movie he just doesn't want to go for what he is good at. Williams puts everything into perspective for him. If there is something we are so good at or if there is something that we want to express than we should go for it. There are so many opportunities out there for us if we just open out eyes. I know all of us have at least one friend, family member, or teacher that is just like the psychologist in this film. They are there pushing us to do want is on our hearts. Maybe we are the shrinks and we need to help someone else out. .
             I didn't find too many technical aspects of this film to be helpful in inspiring someone. There were really only 2 times throughout the movie that the technical stuff caught my attention. In the very beginning, Will and his 3 other friend are at a basketball court and they are fighting with some other guys. The sound in this scene is amazing. The boys are fighting in slow motion, but the sound of the kids in the background is at normal speed.

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