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Good Will Hunting

             In Good Will Hunting, Will, played by Matt Damon, had to go through a series of relationships where he was in search for direction and knowledge in life. In the beginning of the movie, Will is very independent, and one to keep to himself. He studied the works of Shakespeare or Newton to find the answers in life. They were his friends who he went to when he needed help or advice. Will had trouble talking to other people and knowing himself as one with friends. Not until meeting Sean, played by Robin Williams, did Will recognize the true meaning and direction he could lead in life. Sean made him open up, recognize himself for who he is, and forgive himself for all the mistakes he has made in life so far. .
             Will was given talents that most kids don't even dream of. He was given the talents of a one in a million mathematician, but he refused to recognize them. This might have been due to the pressure that comes along with it, and the was that Gerry lived his life. Will recognizes that he has the ability to complete world record math problems, but he worked as a custodian. His friends urged him to pursue a career, but will didn't want to acknowledge his brilliance. He refused to find his Port in the storm due to his lack of personal identity and taking chances. Will was afraid of failure, but he knew he had a chance to be a mathematician. Not until Sean got through to him, along with his boy, did he leave to go become one. .
             Sean is Will's psychologist. At first when they meet, Will is very pessimistic, and doesn't believe he needs to be there seeing Sean. Sean, along with Ben Afleck, playing Will's most trusted friend, are the ones who finally get through to Will. Sean speaks of stories of his days at MIT, and how his wife died at an early age. Sean had to move on, even though the most significant part of his life was gone, forever. He spoke of emotional stories, one that would allow Will relate them to his own life, and realize its alright to be emotionally vulnerable, and susceptible to loss.

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