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Animal Farm

            Characters, items, and events found in George .
             Orwells book, Animal Farm, can be compared to similar .
             characters, items, and events found in Marxism and the 1917 .
             Russian Revolution. This comparison will be shown by using .
             the symbolism that is in the book with similarities found in .
             the Russian Revolution. .
             Old Major was a prized-boar that belonged to Farmer .
             Jones. The fact that Old Major is himself a boar was to .
             signify that radical change and revolution are, themselves, .
             boring in the eyes of the proletariat (represented by the .
             other barnyard animals), who are more prone to worrying .
             about work and survival in their everyday life. Old Major .
             gave many speeches to the farm animals about hope and the .
             future. He is the main animal who got the rebellion started .
             even though he died before it actually began. Old Major-s .
             role compares to Lenin and Marx whose ideas were to lead to .
             the communist revolution. Animal Farm is a criticism of Karl .
             Marx, as well as a novel perpetuating his convictions of .
             democratic Socialism. (Zwerdling, 20). Lenin became leader .
             and teacher of the working class in Russia, and their .
             determination to struggle against capitalism. Like Old .
             Major, Lenin and Marx wrote essays and gave speeches to the .
             working class poor. The working class in Russia, as .
             compared with the barnyard animals in Animal Farm, were a .
             laboring class of people that received low wages for their .
             work. Like the animals in the farm yard, the people is .
             Russia thought there would be no oppression in a new society .
             because the working class people (or animals) would own all .
             the riches and hold all the power. (Golubeva and Gellerstein .
             Another character represented in the book is Farmer .
             Jones. He represents the symbol of the Czar Nicholas in .
             Russia who treated his people like Farmer Jones treated his .
             animals. The animal rebellion on the farm was started .
             because Farmer Jones was a drunk who never took care .

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