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animal farm

            Power corrupts, and the human nature to want power is why communism does not work. Although not likely intentional, George Orwell, in his novel Animal Farm, portrays events in Russia during the revolution. By looking at the actions of the pigs, Orwell shows that a communist system does not work.
             Trotsky and Stalin can be compared to Snowball and Napoleon. "Snowball and Napoleon were by far the most active in the debates. But these two were never in agreement"(48). Though they are both working for the good of the animals, they always argue. One item of debate is the windmill. Napoleon "lifted his leg, urinated over the plans"(65) and left. Napoleon is not a speaker, like Stalin. And just like Stalin, he has garnered support behind the lines. When Snowball talks he is "occasionally interrupted by bleating from the sheep"(66). Just when the animals are going to vote for the windmill, Napoleon springs his trap. He calls for "nine enormous dogs wearing brass-studded collars"(67). The dogs are similar to the special police of Stalin. Snowball, "Trotsky" "was seen no more"(68) on Animal Farm. Much like the battles between Trotsky and Stalin, Snowball was a great speaker, but Napoleon used the underhanded tactics to win.
             After Napoleon takes power, he works to make the pigs above the other animals and institutes a reign of terror. All the animals accept what the pigs say because the "dogs who happened to be with him (Squealer) growled so threateningly"(72). Napoleon asks the animals to work on Sundays. It is "strictly voluntary, but any animal who absented himself form it would have his rations reduced by half"(73). Napoleon is asking them to work, however, there is a penalty if they do not. One day, Napoleon comes strutting out with his dogs. He "demanded whether any other animals had anything to confess"(92) about plotting against him. Many came forward and were executed on the spot. These animals are "traitors", but they did not actually do anything.

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