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Great Britain in the 18th and Early 19th Centuries

            During the 18th and early 19th centuries, Great Britain was introduced to the industrial revolution. Scientific development, living conditions and the progress of agriculture where all a benefit that the industrial revolution brought. All of these factors then restored health, jobs and money in to our country, but this meant all rural areas became industrialised and were more urban than countryside. Urbanisation is the growth of cities that occurred in the late 18th century, such as Manchester and Liverpool, this was produced by the urbanisation as this targeted urban civilisation more than any other. This essay will be including social reform, the difference that was made in the class system and how the industrial revolution affected the urban life, but also examining laissez faire which is a system in the government that contemplate the government should not be included in the economic affairs as much as possible.
             During this time Britain was influenced greatly on a number of things some of these being the laws put in to place. One called 'The poor law' .The poor law was firstly there to help the poorer population, this meant that the middle class and upper class where paying taxes that where going straight to the parishes and helping the paupers. As time went on in 1834 the poor law amendment act (new poor law). The poor law come to legislation under the democracy of earl grey, who was part of the Whig party. The majority of society thought the new poor law was a good idea, this is because they thought this would help with the poor/beggars on the street and to encourage paupers to work harder and to try and support themselves instead of the middle and upper class paying the taxes to help them., this is an example of laissez faire, the people trying to keep the government out of their working life and to become individualised. The higher classes had an opinion of the working class as lazy and not wanting to work.

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