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Industrial Revolution - 18th-19th Centuries

            Industrial Revolution is when the period from the 18th Century to 19th Century had a major changes in technology, agriculture, transportation, communication and social life. This period has seen as one of the major forces that revolutionised the Western world into the modern era and transformed the economic and social structure of Europe dramatically. As far as we concern, industrialisation is a shift from domestic system of production to factory system of product such as coal, to power machines in factory. It's a shift from home to factory, from the rural area to the city, from human or animal power to engine power. This period witnessed the changes of hand tools or handcrafts to an economy based on manufacturing by heavy machines. The industrial revolution first began in Great Britain in 1760. Then, in 19th Century it spread to the Continent including Belgium, France and German and also to the United States. .
             Before the industrial revolution, people work in a small house and only involved in agriculture and cottage industry. All of their works were done either at their home or in the small shops. They buy raw materials from merchants and bring it back home. During this time, it exists a good relationship between the employers and employees which was demolished by capitalism. In 1780, Britain became the richest and successful country in the nation. They have a lot to be proud of where they demonstrated their pride in the Great Exhibition in 1851. Britain plays an important role in the process of industrialization as many and many technologies were invented. For example, in 1770s and 1780s, the cotton textile industry was very important during the industrial revolution. More output were required to fulfil the higher demand. Therefore, the spinning jenny was invented by James Hargreaves to spin more than one thread at a time. Eventually increases the output of cotton. There are also a lot of changes that have been made involving agriculture and farming method.

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