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             Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in absolute bliss? Sure you would; in fact its almost inhuman to not want bliss. Since our beginnings man and his kind have dreamed of living in harmony. Some believe we began with a perfect society then we tricked or selves into thinking that we were bored and created hate toward this bored ness, which lead to war and creation of an ego to protect us from each other. So obviously harmony is destruction of war and our ego. But how? Utopia shall be created from the common man since the common man is the creator of the ego. The belief in destruction of the ego is called egotism or Anarchism. Another solution is to live with the ego by embracing it, which is considered socialism. Or some even think that the ego theory is obsolete and say that we can settle our differences one at a time, which is considered Democracy. So the basic choices of utopias are Anarchy, Communism, and Democracy. .
             First off, Anarchy, good or bad idea? Well it gets rid of the oppressive ego which we call government. As I have said earlier the ego was created by us to protect us from us. When I say ego I also mean your conscience which as we all know tells what Is right and wrong. People have different basis's of right and wrong which conflict with one another, leading an end to any form of society unless there is order. Anarchy is possible through those who are open minded and do not wish to oppress others. How hard is it to be open minded and to not express our emotions? Yes, Anarchy is a good idea for our utopia if you wish to be a machine.
             Second, Communism, good or bad idea? It is very well thought of and goes along with the phrase "If you can't beat' em, join' em." Communism is answer to are to boredom with an evolved broad state of mind where we forget our differences and explore our surroundings. The more area to populate and explore the better. The more squished together we are, the more we want to think about are differences.

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