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            The journey for our society, and ultimately our world, is to create a utopia. A utopia, as described by Sir Thomas More in Utopia, is a secluded island community where life is picturesque; each man has his own duty, knowledge and intellect are highly valued, and war is only fought as a last resort. The clothes worn by the Utopians are all uniform, except to distinguish men from woman, and the married from the unmarried. This utopian society had equal social, financial, and religious classes where no man was more important than another. Philosophers of the 16th Century strived for a utopia as we still strive for one today.
             The Utopian society each city has four districts and each district has 6,000 households. The eldest males had the most authority; their wives were secondary to them, the children to their parents. More states that "if the common ties of humanity do not knit men together, the faith of promises will have no great effect" (63). More believes it is up to the citizens to join together in kinship because they are fellow Utopians. The natural kinship between two unrelated people is not easy to come by in our world today. As humans, we naturally feel insecure and try to seek out others imperfections to pitifully lift ourselves up. The notion that it is acceptable to behave this way turns into sheer hate, thus pulling us farther and farther away from reaching a utopia.
             In Utopia there is not the burden of the citizens" financial well-being. It was one of the elements that had been excluded from this society, in contrast to our greedy society. More demonstrates the kindness and care the Utopian king's had for their people, "Nor is it so becoming the dignity of a king to reign over beggars as over rich and happy subjects" (21). More believed that the king should not be the wealthiest member of society and a king's people could only be happy if they did not feel taken advantage of.

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