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            The Utopia States is a simply enhanced United States of America. The Utopia States is a utopia in which all Americans want to be a part of and live freely in with no racism and free of stereotypes. In this utopia, the government will be ruled by a democracy. This utopia does not tax people. No lifestyle of one individual will be influenced upon another individual. If any lifestyle is harmful to another human being, the human being influencing harm will be banished to another country that is far away from the Utopia States. All individuals living in this Utopia must have a steady income. No welfare will exist in this society. .
             The government of the Utopia States is one of democracy. This is a government in which the supreme power is held by the people. All the decisions are made by the people. The election system of the Utopian States contains a series of elections. No money is spent on advertising trying to make one candidate seem better than the other. The representatives for the House of Representatives are chosen by a system similar to jury duty in democratic nations. All college educated people over the age of 21 are eligible to be candidates. They must be the age of 21 because that is the legal age in which adults can perform all tasks. The representatives are chosen at random. This is chosen randomly so the government is not full of all the same views. The government needs a variety a people so when a decision is made it will be made for the good of the society and not for anyone particular. Other candidates are elected in a general election. The election process starts with candidate nomination. Those who are eligible for nominations include anyone over the age of thirty and who is college educated. The age of thirty because you want these individuals to be a little more experienced. All voters write the name of the person they wish to hold office on the ballot. The ten largest vote getters move onto the next step.

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