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             Utopia was written in 1515 by Thomas More and first published in 1516. Utopia was originally written in Latin but later translated into English in 1551 long after the death of Thomas More. (Writting utopia) More was inspired to write Utopia after reading Plato's Republic. (About utopia) .
             Thomas More was born in Milk Street London on February 7, 1478. (1) More was one of the great lawyers, Christian humanists, and classical scholars of his day. (2) When More was a child, he received his education at Saint Anthony's School in London. (1) Later in life More studied at Oxford University and later studied law at New Inn. (2) One of More's first works was the translation of Pico Della Mirandola which was published in 1510. (2) In 1504 More was elected into parliament. (2) More got married at the age of twenty-seven to Jane Colt, over the years Jane had four children. After many years as a much sought after lawyer More began to work as a judge in 1510. (2) Jane Colt died in 1511 leaving More alone with four children. (2) More remarried within one month of the death of Jane. He married Dame Alice for the sake of his children. (1) Over the years More stayed active in the areas of literature and philosophy. (2) More finished writing Utopia in 1516, it is now considered to be one of the finest Socratic dialogues of all time. (2) During the next decade More attracted the attention of King Henry VIII. (1) Once in the King's service More earned Henry VIII's trust More served as the Kings secretary, but with some administrative and diplomatic responsibilities. Over the next ten years More rose in ranks. More refused to agree with Henry VIII's plan to divorce Katherine of Aragon. (1) Even though More's decision angered Henry VIII More was awarded the job of Chancellor in 1529 at the age of fifty-one. (2) More resigned the duty of Chancellor in 1532. More claimed he resigned due to failing health, but it is believed that he resigned due to Henry VIII's stance toward the church.

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