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             Sir Thomas Mores" Utopia is a story in which the author describes, in his opinion, the model society. His main focus is to show us a world without poverty, greed, or crime. The heart of this society is based on the fact that there is no such thing as class or inequality; socially, economically, or otherwise. More tells us of a Utopian society that shares the same language, customs, institutions, and laws. He explains to us how all of these things will defer a wanton society from happening. More saw a world in shambles; Utopia was his cry for internal peace and security in a fictional society. .
             The creator of this imaginary ideal society is Sir Thomas More. More was born on February 7, 1478 in Milk Street, London. He attended Oxford University where he wrote comedies and studied literature. Two years later he decided to move back to London to follow in his fathers footsteps and study law. More was torn between a life of civil service and a life of monastery. His love for politics won over his desire for monasticism, although, his monastic habits stayed with him the rest of his life.
             More entered Parliament in 1504 where he became good friend with Desiderius Erasmus. He also gained King Henry VIII's friendship and trust while serving as his personal secretary. He became Lord Chancellor in 1529. More resigned thirty-one months later because he disagreed with Henry VIII's as the Supreme Head of the Church of England. Due to this he was imprisoned in the Tower of London. He was found guilty of treason and beheaded in 1535. Moore's final words were said to be "The King's good servant, but Gods first." More lived his life of prayer and penance. He cared for the poor and needy these are the reasons he was canonized on May 19, 1935.
             Sir Thomas More began writing Utopia in 1478. It takes place in Antwerp in the early sixteenth century. As the first book starts we find ourselves outside of the Notre Dame after mass.

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