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Capitalism and Communism

             Communism is an ingenious and revolutionary idea that has the potential to do much good, the methods in which it has been implemented in such states as the Soviet Union, China and Eastern Europe were and are incorrectly. In general, communism in these countries has led to poverty, unrest, violations of human rights and in some cases, totalitarianism. These failures have several explanations; whether the communist systems were implemented prematurely or if they"re leaders abused the powers permitted by the system. It can be said that how these communist regimes have governed is quite contrary to what Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin would have envisioned in their utopian communist societies. Their views would have included absolutely no private property, goods would be owned by the public and a classless society would have been created. Although many of these regimes accomplished some of these goals they certainly did not achieve Marxist-Leninist communism in its true sense. In order to more clearly understand this issue it is necessary to take a more detailed look at how communism has thus far been badly implemented, what are the good aspects of communist theory and ideology and whether it is possible for a pure communist society to ever completely prosper in the current world situation.
             To this date communism has not been put into practice in a way in which it can utilize the positive aspects of its theory. Out of the current communist states none of them have gone through the transition period to communism that Marx and Engel envisioned of the formation of a prosperous communist society. Marx believed that in order for a communist society to properly function and a revolution to be carried out correctly a large industrialized, capitalist nation must reach a level in which capitalism can no longer handle the conditions it has created. According to Marx, at this point a transition to socialism should ensue thus leading eventually to communism.

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