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Communism and Democratic Capitalism

            This research paper is a comparative analysis of two prevalent political systems in the modern global system. Through this research paper you will be informed of the benefits and challenges that each system produces. As Americans, we often have certain ideologies that influence our view of these systems and hopefully this research will help to test and expand those ideologies.
             Communism and Democracy Communism: A concept or system of society in which the major resources and means of production are owned by the community rather than by individuals. The theory provided by these systems allocates work equally among the people. Job assignment is determined by skill, ability, and experience. All of the benefits of said system are dispersed according to need. Some opponents of the communist system suggest that with the abolition of coercive government, society would degrade into a state of anarchy. This would be the result of a lack of laws and enforcement measures, so say opponents. Lawlessness would only occur in the ultimate stage of pure communism. Until the ultimate stages are reached, however, communism involves the abolition of private property by a revolutionary movement; responsibility for meeting public needs is then vested in the state (Daniels, 177). .
             Communism is a the concept of and ideal society, a utopia if you will. This is derived from ancient sources such as Plato's "Republic"" and to the surprise of many; early Christian communes. Early in the 19th century the idea of communism came as a result of the contempt harbored by the poor and dislocated to the birth and growth of modern capitalism. At that time communism was the basis for a number of utopian settlements; most communistic experiments, however, it eventually failed. For the most part these were small-scale private settlements. People were there by will and voluntarily cooperated with one another. Everyone in these settlements participated in the governing process (Daniels, 183).

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