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            Karl Marx's ideas of communism were mainly derived from what he had observed of the changing of peoples lifestyle due to the Industrial Revolution. Millions were packing their bags and moving from work on the farm, to work in the factories of cities. The working conditions were terrible at the factories; slums even developed around such factories. As Marx believed, that working class, or proletariat, would eventually rise up against their oppressor in a violent revolution against the bourgeoisie who treated them poor. Eventually, as Marx wrote, society would evolve into something of a utopia, where exploitation would be abolished and people would be able to benefit from the work they thoroughly enjoyed. Men will now work for the good of all and not for himself. This theory is quite interesting, and is a theory which is sounds great, however with further analysis it becomes very flawed. Communism cannot work in the world that we live in, as human nature is not respectable. Marx's views on the fact that human nature is generally good, the creation of a classless society, and finally a society that does not need a government are all views that are wrong.
             The root of Marxism is based on the principle that all humans are generally born good, and will work for the good of all. Without this principle, that proclaims human nature is good, then Marxism has absolutely no chance of flourishing. But how is it, if humans are generally born good, that capitalism itself has not yet crumbled? Surely if man were so kind and considerate that he would work for the good of all, capitalism would not be able to thrive; yet it has. Thus, human nature is not considerate, rather it is based on the foundation of greed. At the same time, greed as a characteristic trait of humans is not something that we have been picked up by our surroundings. When looking at the personality of an infant; the child always wants what it doesn't have.

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